Fiberglass Doors

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Composite Rails On All Edges

Rod resistant composite rails are waterproof to prevent moisture from entering the door case. The bottom composite rail is designed to accommodate a large range of the door sweeps.

Surface Texture

Superior oak, mahogany and smooth skin techniques with “High Definition Panel Embossments” provides an authentic looking stained wood and smooth finish. We capture and feel the warm texture of real wood without the disadvantages of wood door natural deterioration.

LVL Lumber Components

We use laminated veneer lumber (LVL) on both sides of our doors for uniform dimensions and moisture resistance. Components are reliable, stress free, and stronger than traditional lumber components so they won’t warp like wood.

Lock Blocks

Our extended lock block allows for an extensive range of door lock hardware installation, and because it is full length of 4 inch LVL, it provides extra security against forced entry.

Composite Styles

A MENNIE door will never splinter like wood or delaminate like steel. Our innovative full-length composite style is fully waterproof and twice as strong as wood. No more loose screws.

Door Core

Our 100% High-Density CFC Free doors provide 6 times the insulation of a traditional wood door. The advanced PU door care material also adds to the doors sound proofing.