What Type of Door is Best for an Exterior Door?

Want to add some home value by improving curb appeal? Decided to upgrade the entrance with a door replacement? Great choice since the front door has the biggest influence on homebuyers and guests. Choose the right door, add some window boxes around and your home will look like a Hollywood mansion. To help you out, we are presenting some information about exterior door replacement. Remember though, there isn’t one ideal door for everyone, everything depends on your personal preferences and ….

What are the Key Features of an Energy Efficient House?

Have you looked at your electrical bills recently? Are they higher than you expected? Fear not since there is a simple way of reducing them – with energy efficient upgrades. For instance, did you know that high quality, Energy Star windows can cut your monthly spending for 15%? An interesting fact, right? Check out our list below to see other types of efficient upgrades and the wonderful things they can do for the environment and for our wallets: Windows & ….

Why Are My Windows Leaking?

Why Are My Windows Leaking? Before moving into a new house, no homeowner had in mind collecting excess rainwater with a bucket or an old towel. However, water leaks happen despite our ideas and desires. Preventing unwanted water to enter your home through a window leak is fairly easy, but finding the cause and permanent solution requires a hand of an expert – a contractor. Here are some of the common reasons for why windows leak: Flawed Windows Some window ….

How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home?

How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home? Before you choose different window styles, frames and glass types, try to write on a piece of paper all of your personal preferences considering comfort, budget and efficiency. Make sure you know the amount of ventilation and light every room needs as the atmosphere you’ll get will depend on the type of window you choose. And before you end the window shopping spree, make sure that all of the details have ….

Are Window Replacements a Good Investment?

Are Window Replacements a Good Investment? With all the talk about window replacement, one cannot but start to wonder if new windows are needed for their home as well. There have been several concluded benefits that homeowners can get from window replacement such as higher energy efficiency, the best technological advancements, increased security, improved quality of insulation, protection from UV damage and protection from difficult weather conditions. Besides helping to maintain a healthy and energy efficient household, new window also ….

When Should You Replace Windows?

When Should You Replace Windows? If left unrepaired, malfunctioning windows can lead to severe damage in homes. Mold growth, pest infestations, high energy bills, decreased safety and faded furniture are just the beginning. In some cases where homeowners decided to ignore the fact that their windows needed replacement or they didn’t know how to recognize the signs, severe floods and floor cracks started to occur. To help you out with protecting your home from window damage we made a list ….