It is unarguable that excess humidity or moisture in any home is the perfect condition for mold to grow. And when your windows and doors are sweating, that indicates excess moisture in your home.
Do your windows and doors sweat so much that you can hardly see through them? Are you looking for ways to stop your windows and doors from sweating?

Do not search any further; read the tips below to learn how to stop your windows from sweating.

How do I Stop My Windows from Sweating?

1. Window Replacement

When your windows are sweating, they are likely to be damaged, outdated, or have cracks around them. One way to fix this issue is to replace the existing windows with double or triple-pane vinyl windows, but do not use metal frames because they conduct cold. You should also look around the window to ensure that there are no cracks.

2. Turn off the Humidifier

If you have a humidifier installed in your house, it may be the reason why your windows are sweating due to excess moisture in the air. Turn down the humidifier or turn it off completely. You can also consider changing the appliance that requires turning on a humidifier when in use.

3. Use Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

A lot of moisture gets released into the air when you cook or shower. As a result, turn on your kitchen or bathroom fans to let the moisture leave your home easily without causing the windows and doors to sweat. Let the fans run for about 20 minutes after cooking or showering, and you will notice a significant improvement.

4. Vent Clothes Dryer to the Outside

When clothes dryers are running, much moisture is released, and the air becomes more humid. To stop your windows and doors from sweating, ensure that your dryer is adequately vented to the outside. Alternatively, you can move your dryer to your garage or outside the house where it will be safe from the elements.

5. Install Window Installation

When you install window insulation inside of your windows, your windows will be prevented from sweating.

6. Invest in a Dehumidifier

If your windows are always sweating and you wish to stop them, purchase a dehumidifier that will remove excess moisture from the air in your home. Automatic dehumidifiers are available to cater to the task automatically when the humidity level of your home is exceeded.
Follow the tips above to stop your windows from sweating and eliminate mold growing in your home, which can expose you to health risks.

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