Window leaks are very common, especially in old homes. They aren’t something that should be ignored or underestimated since your home can get seriously damaged. That’s why checking for warranties and window energy ratings are extremely important. If you have window leaks, you will most probably need window replacement. Here is why you might be experiencing these annoying little leaks.

What is the Reason behind Leaky Windows?

Bad Product

The most common reason for window leaks is linked to the quality of the product. Windows have lifespans, each material reaching a different age. For instance, Wood lasts 25, Aluminum 15 and Vinyl can even reach 50. When the window is approaching its end, it starts to fail at its job and thus window leaks appear.

Sometimes these leaks happen way before the window’s last birthday and it’s mainly got to do with poor manufacturing, unpleasant circumstances (severe storms) or just bad luck. Here are some situations where it’s the window’s fault:

  • Damaged glass sealant
  • Repainting job gone bad
  • Cheap/low-quality window product
  • Broken pieces of caulk
  • Cracks in the frame/sash
  • Damaged window lock

Bad Installation

When people say “hire someone who knows their job”, they truly mean it. Proper installation is one of the main factors for succeeding at your window replacement project. Before you choose the company, make sure you ask in detail about their experience, customer satisfaction, and product offers. DIY experiments aren’t recommended since even window contractors ask for help when renovating the windows in their own home. Here is what can go bad during installation:

  • Failed sealing – Windows need to be sealed so that the weather stays outside. If less sealant is used, cold breezes and rainwater will start entering your home, without any second thoughts.
  • Failed leveling – when installing a window, everything should be properly measured and placed. If even an extra inch is added, tons of things can go astray, including energy efficiency, comfort and of course, waterproofing.

Other Situations

This category of “window leak” situations is for all those who haven’t got much luck. We mentioned how leaks can occur because of poor product and installation, now we will shed light on some uncommon situations that can truly cause a window to weep.

  • Clogged/detached gutters – Gutters exist to carry rainwater as far away from your home as possible. When they get clogged or god forbid detached, rainwater goes crazy and splashes all over the place, including right into your windows. It may sound silly, but it happens more often than one might think. This also applies to overhands and fascia boards. If they are detached or poorly designed and planned, rainwater will be carried directly toward your window.
  • Broken pipes – In our homes, everything is connected. If you pour cooking oil in the drain on a daily basis, some pipe will surely clog. If a pipe clogs, it can start to leak and those leaks can even turn into floods or severely damage the home’s foundation. Well sometimes, they can cause window leaks as well. If your leak is placed on the window’s top or on the frame, you might be facing a wall leak. Check if there are cracks on the walls near the window.

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